Jumbled - 31st August 2018

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New Music Friday

Ever since the music industry got together a few years to coordinate all their releases on a Friday, I get a jolt of excitement towards the end of each week. Music has always played an enormous role in my life, and while I enjoy listening to the music I already know, there's something so joyous about hearing something new.

New Music Friday is now a staple of the calendar - I track release dates in my to-do app, and as soon as I'm sat at my desk in the morning I fire up Spotify and have a listen to the latest tracks. There are new releases every week, but not always something I'm into. That's what I thought going into today, but then Eminem released a surprise new album 'Kamikaze.'

His lyrics tend to divide people, but as a horror fan, I always enjoyed the horror-core side to his music. If nothing else though, his career and the conflict between Eminem the rapper, and Marshall Mathers, the person, has been interesting to follow.

He announced the album in a tweet saying "tried not 2 overthink this 1," and there seems to be truth in that. Ever since he came back to music with Relapse, there's always been a sense that he feels the weight of expectation on him. He's honed his technical skills over time, but the substance has always felt a little forced.

Kamikaze, on the other hand, feels more relaxed, and less controlled and it's better for it. I've only managed to listen to it all the way through once so far, but it seemed more enjoyable than Revival. Oh, and +1 for the Beastie Boys reference on the album cover.

Alkaline Trio also had a new album out today -  "Is This Thing Cursed?" Their ninth studio album was written and recorded in the studio to give it a more 'raw' edge, and it works. The gloss of the past few albums is gone, and it feels like an older band recapturing the spirit of their early days. The songs seem good, but whether I'll choose to listen to it over their "classic" period albums remains to be seen.

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