Taking The (Metaphorical) Plunge

Here we go - blog post number one. Post numero uno.

I've always wondered why in the English-speaking world we tend to use a form of Spanish as a phrase - particularly in situations where we are either being prideful and somewhat arrogant ('Looking out for numero uno') or as an awkward repetition of 'number one'. According to the at least 40 seconds of research I just did on the topic, the FreeDictionary describes 'numero uno' as;

  • One's own interests
  • One that is first in rank, order or importance

With that in mind 'numero uno' does seem to be a pretty good description of a blog - it will be wholeheartedly self-indulgent (giving myself the pretence that anyone will really want to know my ramblings on any topic that happens to be on my mind) and - with any luck, will power or all out bribery - become a highly visited and respected (!) site.

I guess this must mean that I am now a blogger? I don't feel any different yet.


I thought I was meant to be sitting in a coffee shop somewhere, drinking my cappuccino, wearing glasses and writing something meaningful and poetic. As it turns out I'm sitting at home watching TV and attempting to put together a somewhat interesting start to my 'career' as a blogger. Apparently this blogging thing is going to be different than I had expected.

I don't know where we are going yet but I hope you enjoy the journey.

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For Who The Bell Tolls